The richness of our land

A land brimming with of life

From the unique composition of the pebbly soil of the Piave area to the ideal microclimate typical of the Euganean Hills, our vineyards are located in two areas with completely different terroirs which give the wines we produce diverse organoleptic characteristics.

Eighty-five hectares of land dedicated to the art of viticulture, rich in nutrients that favour the growth of fragrant bunches of grapes from which our selection of wines is created. Fertile, flourishing lands extending between Maserada sul Piave and Arquà Petrarca.

More than a landscape

From water, the vine gives life to wine

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The Maserada Vineyard

Our Maserada vineyard is located on Italy’s largest river island and among the largest in Europe, where nature still flourishes undisturbed and where water is the element that dominates a vast, open landscape, extending toward the peaks of the Dolomites on the horizon.

It is precisely from these mountains, with their eons of history, that the smooth pebbles that give this land its unique characteristics come. The terroir of Grave di Papadopoli is also rich in slit and gravel, lending minerality and fragrance to the wines from this land.

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The Arquà Petrarca vineyard

In the heart of the Euganean Hills, a natural, well-ventilated amphitheatre with an optimal temperature range opens up between the gentle, lush valleys of volcanic origin. This enchanting setting is home to our Arquà Petrarca vineyard, strategically located to the south-west to take full advantage of the exceptional microclimate.

Particularly suited to red grape wines, the Arquà Petrarca terroir, together with the light and air enjoyed by this area, provides the rows of vines with the perfect nourishment to produce juicy, flavourful fruit. The grapes are carefully selected to be transformed into a range of top quality wines.