Our Estate

A passion handed down from father to son for three generations

The origins of our estate are to be found in the pages of a family history, made up of authentic values and deep roots. A passion for good wine and for the land, handed down from generation to generation, from 1971 to today.

A profound sense of family, sharing and respect are the driving force at the heart of Tenuta San Giorgio, a long-established company that embraces the value of tradition and opens up to the world with the innovative spirit of the new generations. We face every decision, act or challenge with the determination and strength of those who can count on an indissoluble bond.

A flavour as old as the world, a centuries-old tradition that strikes a chord every time a glass is raised.

Where we are


Establishment of the company and acquisition of the estate


Renovation of the headquarters, shop and offices


First year of vinification at the winery


First expansion of the headquarters and production area


First gold medal at Vinitaly


Second extension of the production area

A story with deep roots

The history of our estate has its roots in 1971, when Sergio Tombacco, motivated by a strong passion inherited from his father Ludovico, founded Tenuta San Giorgio on the splendid, fertile land along the Piave River, taking over a number of vineyards that had been established there for over a century.

In 50 years, the business has seen the passage of three generations. Sergio was followed by his sons Giorgio, Valerio and Marco, who made improvements to the Estate and in turn brought their own children into the company, leading to the current set-up. In 2004 an important milestone was reached with the award of the first gold medal from Vinitaly, praise for the work of a company guided by love of the land and a passion for genuine products and family values.